Sheri Dixon - At the Very Heart of Mitochondrial Therapy in the UK

Sheri Dixon – At the very Heart of Mitochondrial Therapy in the UK.

My name is Sheri and I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist, a teacher, a speaker, and an author. I design bespoke diets because there is no one else quite like you. I stay current with the latest research so that you don’t have to. I am dedicated to supporting your health and well being in a constantly changing world so that you can live your life to the full.

I’m excited to introduce you to the innovative and rapidly expanding field of mitochondrial therapy. My work is based on cutting edge research from leading scientists working with Russian space medicine.

If you’re feeling tired, irritable, and are struggling to lose weight. If you lack libido, crave sugars, and are losing your zest for life, then mitochondrial therapy may provide the vital key to a long-term solution for you.

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