Sheri Dixon - At the Very Heart of Mitochondrial Therapy in the UK

Sheri Dixon – At the very Heart of Mitochondrial Therapy® in the UK.

Sheri Dixon is a registered nutritional therapy consultant with over twenty years of experience in practice.

She has taught nutritional courses to health and sports professionals, based on individual biochemistry, since 2001.

Sheri is a freelance writer and speaker, and has given talks for British Airways, and the British Football Association. She was a featured nutrition expert in the global Corporate Live Wire Expert Medical Guide in 2015. LiveWire Medical provides senior executives, and professionals with insights on new, cutting-edge developments in a range of different areas in the health sector.

Prior to qualifying in nutrition, Sheri enjoyed over twenty years working as cabin crew. This personal aviation experience has given her first-hand insight into the known health risks associated with accumulative exposure to cosmic radiation.

Sheri’s bestselling book, ‘The Fast Way to Slow Down Ageing’ introduces the cutting-edge field of Mitochondrial Therapy®, and anti-ageing. It is written in an accessible format and will inspire anyone who wishes to take back control of their health, and slow down the processes of ageing.

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