Practitioner Training

Sheri Dixon offers International seminars and presentations, practice development and support, team building, sports enhancement, and bespoke diet design.

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Online Seminar

To introduce heart rate variability (HRV) test evaluation, and the application of Dr. Kucera’s unique diet supplement protocols, to U.K & International health and sports practitioners who wish to add these protocols to their professional practices, or those wishing to set up a new practice.


Class 1 – Introduction & Background

Class 2 – Your Auto Pilot

Class 3 – HRV Reading Evaluation 

Class 4 – MuDr. Kucera’s Unique Supplements

Class 5 – Case Studies & FAQ’s

Mitochondrial Therapy® 2021 Training Seminar dates:

Monthly Online – Introduction to HRV & Dr. Kucera’s unique diet supplement protocols

Start Date End Date Sign up Closes
4th January 29th January 1st January
1st February 1st March 29th January
1st March 26th March 26th February
5th April 30th April 31st March
3rd May 28th May 30th April
1st June 28th June 28th May
1st July 30th July 28th June
2nd August 27th August 30th July
1st September 30th September 31st August
4th October 29th October 30th September
1st November 26th November 29th October
29th November 31st December 26th November

Intermediate Seminars 2021 – Online February, May, September, November

Intermediate Seminar with Sheri Dixon 10am – 6pm 23rd October 2021 (Prestbury)

Sheri Dixon’s Advanced (Various) Seminars 2021 – Online Quarterly

MuDr. Kucera’s Advanced Seminar 2021 dates tba

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