Practitioner Training

Sheri Dixon offers International seminars and presentations, practice development and support, team building, sports enhancement, and bespoke diet design.

Please register your interest in training to become a HRV practitioner:

Online Seminar

To introduce heart rate variability (HRV) test evaluation, and the application of Dr. Kucera’s unique diet supplement protocols, to U.K & International health and sports practitioners who wish to add these protocols to their professional practices, or those wishing to set up a new practice.


Class 1 – Introduction & Background

Class 2 – Your Auto Pilot

Class 3 – HRV Reading Evaluation 

Class 4 – MuDr. Kucera’s Unique Supplements

Class 5 – Case Studies & FAQ’s

Mitochondrial Therapy® 2022 Training Seminar dates:

Monthly Online – Introduction to HRV & Dr. Kucera’s unique diet supplement protocols

Intermediate Seminars 20212- Online and at the Mitochondrial Therapy® clinic

Sheri Dixon’s Advanced (Various) Seminars 2022 – Online Quarterly

MuDr. Kucera’s Advanced Seminar 2022 dates tba

To apply, or for more information, or to sign up for our new fully automated online U.K & International course, email